Conflux 5: last day & retrospective

October 7, 2008

Conflux Day 4: last sessions, final meetings, and the Closing Ceremony

The last day was finally here. I went to my last three panels: on blogging and fanzines, Steampunk and Shared Worlds, all of them full of interest. Late in the morning, another downpour threatened to drown out some panellists’ voices. Also to do: collect final autograph on a new book, take a break from hotel during lunch and walk into the shopping area, quiet lunch, killed some time and picked up a couple more books in Borders, then back to the hotel and read for a while until Closing Ceremony.

In the late afternoon, after all the ‘demands’ of swilling champagne and scoffing chips and lollies at book launches, trying to adjust to Daylight Saving, attending a pretty good sample of the massive variety of panel sessions, enjoying life near the bar, hearing tales from the guest speakers, workshops for some, final splurges at the book tables… it was time for the last hurrah of the Closing Ceremony.

It was an ending worth staying for, or coming back from the CBD for some, as the two MCs were in new costumes: Liz Argall as a sly black-winged angel with a taste for sheep skulls and Richard Harland as a good-natured tiara’d fairy with very short wings, bright sash and a wand used to assist the de-hypnotising process started at the launch ceremony waaaay back on Friday evening.  Thanks to both of them for a very generous and energetic two-part double act of themed entertainment.  Cat Sparks gave us a retro photo montage of both the days’ fun and many earlier years of ‘characters’ in the Australian specfic scene. Applause followed, for all the organising committee, guests, hotel staff, auctioneers, competition winners, lucky winner of the ogre-sized raffle etc etc. And all without any of the dodgy politics of the official live-to-tv ceremonies a month or so ago.

Good news: the next Con has been set for October Long Weekend next year, at The Marque, so I’ll definitely marque it on my calendar.

Last thoughts for now:

As I see it, coming to my second Con has been worth very dollar and then some. Throughout the days of the program and during my trips to and from the venue, I started to really feel ‘at home’ with Speculative Fiction, both as a reader and a hobby writer looking for a world of writing experience that could provide  fun, interest, possibility of new friends, a strong sense of wonder and adventure, and make fullest use of my life-long compulsive daydreaming habit. I’m sure I stepped into it for a while on the long weekend.


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