Conflux 5, 2008: now in progress in Canberra

October 4, 2008

Conflux 5, 2008

The big annual event/gathering for lovers of speculative fiction –Conflux – is now in progress in Canberra. As one of the MCs explained at the launch, the event simply started as a ‘next’ national convention and has become a major repeating success. In terms of festival history in general, this is a remarkably fast-paced achievement.

ACT’s weather has ‘obliged’ by raining a lot, making it an excellent time to be indoors and living in various fantasy worlds; plus the staple Con activities of buying books/magazines/souvenirs etc and staking out a fave chair near the bar at critical times. There’s also a bit of at-the-event blogging going on, meeting agents & publishers and attendees starting new friendships. There is a change of hotel from last year, and so far comments I’ve heard have been pretty positive.

Day 1 included the bizarre and humorous launch event, a debate on the theme “Are we living in a dream or reality?” and Jack Dann doing one of his celebrated launch-the-book performances.

Day 2 has been the first main day of panel sessions, film screenings, book launches, buyer’s hall (see above re: staple activities), auction, mass book signing and of course the 1920s-themed Banquet and Cocktail Reception.

This year I’ve found  that my year of reading fantasy, sci-fi, a little bit of horror and dark fantasy, joining in a major forum or two, subscribing to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM) have all helped me learn a lot since my first Con last year and be able to feel more like I’m starting to ‘fit in’ to the scene, and getting to know and be known by a few more of the people already in it.

Looking forward to more fun tomorrow!


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